More Than One Way to Skin an Apple

Here’s a nice example of the kind of mutual benefits that can grow out of a relationship between “GLAMs” (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) and Wikimedia.

This Wikipedia “Wealthy Apple” article is based in large part on the Minnesota Historical Society’s MNopedia article on the same topic.

Because most MNopedia content is published under the appropriate Creative Commons license, its chances of finding its way to much larger audiences—through Wikipedia in this case—are much higher than if it were restricted.

The MNopedia project team at MHS established a connection with Wikimedia early on—and through ongoing cooperation, both resources are now being enriched.

Wikpedia is a better resource because of open, citable content like MNopedia’s, and through this relationship MHS delivers its content to many more people than it would on its own. Plus, more people are driven directly back to MHS and its resources as a result.

GLAMs—like anyone and everyone—are free to edit Wikipedia directly. While editing articles about one’s own institution is frowned upon (and often rejected), there are many options for getting good, GLAM-sourced content into Wikipedia, including through the mutual back-scratching approach exemplified here.

Many thanks to Liam Wyatt for nurturing GLAM-Wiki relationships and for helping us though this fun and rewarding process.


~ by jockuly on May 9, 2012.

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