Project Presence

The Transitions: University Avenue project (described along with other intergenerational projects elsewhere) was recently the focus of an event at Gordon Parks High School (GPHS).

The event itself featured remarks by the school principal, Micheal Thompson, and GPHS project lead, Paul Creager, as well as a number of students, whose documentary work was projected for a crowd of well over 100 people.

Special guest Brother Ali told the inspirational tale of his rise to music world success.

In preparation for the event, several Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) and GPHS staff members worked on getting a permanent presence for Transitions situated in the school itself, so students, teachers, staff, and visitors could have access to the project anytime.

The installation takes the form of a 37-inch video display and a wall-mounted iPad (which amounts to an interface to the larger screen).

In addition to easy access, the physical presence of this project in the heart of the community it addresses sends a message to student participants—and prospective student participants—as well as anyone who visits the school, that this intergenerational, history-in-the-making commitment is a major and meaningful one.



~ by jockuly on May 31, 2011.

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  1. very cool. looks solid

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