Antioxidants Will Happen

With the ongoing onslaught of new phones and other devices being announced (and sometimes even released), it’s hard to believe that this now-ancient-by-tech-stardards gem is still the most feature-rich mobile computer around.

Here’s just a partial list of its components:

Actually, the real point here is about dissonance. If you’ve dug deep into the campaign above, you will have discovered that the actual product — en entire Canadian province and its appeal as a tourist destination — and the false but funny advertising that led you to it — a Web site about a fake phone — have a tenuous connection at best.

Questions of the day — How do the image and the experience of your (or your favorite) cultural organization, museum, library, zoo, etc., complement each other? And who is responsible for each? And how are visitors/audience members/customers involved in determining either or both of those things — the image and the experience?


~ by jockuly on July 2, 2010.

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