Post-TV Society

Whether you purchase a copy at a bookstore, have one sent to your house, download the iBook, Kindle, or Nook version, listen to the audio CD, or have have someone read (or text) it to you over the phone, GET this book.

Clay Shirky’s follow-up to Here Come’s Everybody deals with that rich intersection of society and technology, and asks what is happening with all the billions of hours formerly spent watching TV now that we have a more participatory medium at our fingertips.

Here’s an excerpt:

The atomization of social life in the twentieth century left us so far removed from participatory culture that when it came back, we needed the phrase “participatory culture” to describe it. Before the twentieth century, we didn’t really have a phrase for participatory culture; in fact, it would have been something of a tautology.

Shirky references everything from lolcats to Ushahidi (a software tool created in response to a disputed Kenyan election) to GIlligan’s Island (a subject we’re fond of here at museumedia).


~ by jockuly on June 12, 2010.

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