London’s Literary Locavourism

If you’re a voracious English-language reader, fond of your own two feet as transportation, and appreciator of things local — once you get past these simple requirements:

  1. Must have a 3GS iPhone
  2. Must have the free Get London Reading application
  3. Must BE IN LONDON

— you’re in for a treat.

Here’s the promise:

The app helps you uncover London’s literary wealth, mapping over 500 books in London.

Find books near you, search the map, view all the titles and select your favourites. Plus, if you switch into augmented reality mode, you can see exactly where the books are located as they float across your screen.

And here’s more about the overall project.

This is one of a quickly growing number of mobile applications that promise to unlock history on-the-go. Do you have other examples? Please post them in the Comments.


~ by jockuly on March 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “London’s Literary Locavourism”

  1. I do APPreciation this, and I’ll look at the site and program some more, but I also suspect I’ll feel the way I often feel about such efforts: that they are more about the sponsors and the technology than about the “content.” There’s probably a term for that, something like the Gee Whiz Factor. It’s partly the way they are packaged and marketed. For further reactionalysis.

  2. Here’s another POV —

  3. Yeah, that’s good. Kind of the reluctant convert POV.
    Are these things called . . . Mapps? Museumapps?

  4. That could catch on!

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